Linx runs a fleet of satellite trucks and fly-away dishes from its operations bases in Zagreb, Croatia, and Budapest, Hungary.

When news breaks in Central Europe, we are often the first to fix it. Our strategically placed mobile trucks are never more than a few hours drive from the story.

Our fly-away dishes and their operators have provided award-winning services to the world’s broadcasters in the Balkans, the Middle East, and the Asian tsunami.

LINX is one of the first DSNG providers in Europe to invest in High Definition equipment. We bought our first Tandberg encoders in 2004, and have already been servicing companies such as Japanese broadcaster NHK with their HD needs. HD equipment consists of Tandberg encoder E5788 with BISS and RAS encryption, IRD receiver TT 1282 and an accompanying monitoring kit.

With our fully redundant flyaways/driveaways and SNG trucks, we can provide satellite uplinks in Central-Eastern Europe at short notice. We have access to several SNG trucks and flyaways in the event our own uplinks are unavailable. Our Budapest-based SNGs can get to all of former Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany within a day. Our Cyprus-based flyaway can get to Israel or any other Middle East country at short notice.

The US TV Pool (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News) used LINX to provide uplinks facilities for former US President Clinton's trips to the region in 1997 (Kosovo, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, Bosnia, Romania) and for President George W. Bush's visits to Slovenia, Kosovo and Slovakia.

During the Iraq invasion in 2003, LINX provided uplinks and engineers to CNN (Qatar, Jordan and Iraq), Fox News (Jordan) and BBC (Jordan and Iraq).

LINX was the preferred provider for BBC and Sky News to operate out of Poland to cover the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005.

LINX is not limited geographically - our flyaways and easy access to several airports (Vienna, Budapest, Prague) meant that we sent our flyaway to Sri Lanka for award-winning CNN coverage of the Tsunami; to India and Nigeria for former President Clinton visits, to Jerusalem and Ramallah to cover the funeral of Yasser Arafat.


In these cases and many more, our broadcast clients found it quicker, more efficient, and more cost-effetive to work with LINX.

Our uplinks are licensed for Eutelsat, Intelsat, Panamsat, Europestar, AB, Hellas Sat, etc.

We can add other production equipment and staff to the uplinks - Sony Beta SP/SX laptop editors live standup cameras with English-speaking cameramen and editors.

We can provide you with the specifications of each unit and rate card upon request.

Technical Information

Linx can provide you with High Definition Transmissions, C and Ku flyaways/driveaways. Our HD capability can be transferred to any of our SNGs, as our Tandberg encoder and IRD, downconverter and monitor are independently built to be portable and can be hooked up with all our systems. Some uplinks have a comms package installed (Paradise Modem with Vocality kit).

Ku / C dual band 1.9m Flyaway

Fully redundant Advent Mantis flyaway system.

standard equipment includes:

Antenna diameter: 1.9 m
Max EIRP: Ku-band - 71 dBW, C-band - 63.5 dBW
Uplink frequency: Ku-band - 14.0-14.5 GHz, C-band - 5.85-6.425 GHz
Downlink frequency: Ku-band - 10.95 - 12.75 GHz, C-band - 3.625-4.2 GHz
Max output power: single thread in hot standby mode - 350W per Amp
Feed options: Ku-band - Linear, C-band - Linear or Circular

Ku band CML 1.4m Flyaway or Vehicle mount

Fully redundant CML truck mounted system, which can be removed for flyaway purposes.

standard equipment includes:

Antenna diameter: 1.4 m
Max EIRP: 69.5 dBW
Uplink frequency: Ku-band - 14.0-14.5 GHz
Downlink frequency: Ku-band - 10.95 - 12.75 GHz
Max output power: single thread in hot standby mode - 350W per Amp
Feed options: Ku-band - Linear

Ku band Gigasat 1.8 m Flyaway or vehicle mounted system

Fully redundant Gigasat FA 120 system.

standard equipment includes:

Spirit Notepad Audio Mixer

IFB kit
4 x 50 m audio and video cable
Sony standup camera
Beta SP/SX laptop editor for PAL/NTSC playout

Antenna diameter: 1.8 m
Max EIRP: 71 dBW
Uplink frequency: Ku-band - 13.75 - 14.50 GHz
Downlink frequency: Ku-band - 10.70 - 12.75 GHz
Max output power: single thread in hot standby mode - 350W per Amp
Feed options: Ku-band - Linear

Other systems and configurations are also available on request, please call us with your specific needs.

Any system can also be complimented with a 4-camera OB Van unit for Sporting and Special Events.