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Shooters & Editors - London, UK

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We are on the lookout for Video Editors (FCP expertese a must) and camera operators to undertake short and medium-term assignments in the UK and abroad.

Key Requirements

  • Digitising video shot in the field and held in our archives
  • Knowledge of all current video formats
  • Creating rough compilations of video
  • Creating short news edits to international news agency standards
  • Editing voiced news and documentary packages
  • Encoding and distributing video via various web-based platforms
  • Keen interest in news and current affairs, and the international aid industry

The ability to edit quickly but artistically under pressure and against deadline, plus confidence in handling FTP compression and distribution technology is essential, as is fluent English.

Extra languages and multi-tasking production skills are highly desirable.

Please note that working with Linx is only for people genuinely interested in working in Television News and Current Affairs - with all the pressure that entails.

Use the following form to send your CV and a covering note saying why you think you might fit with Linx.

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Uplinks Engineers - Central Europe

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We are looking for uplinks engineers to operate our mobile satellite trucks and flyaways based in Central and Eastern Europe.

Knowledge and experience of mobile uplinks technology is essential, as are fluent English, a clean driving licence, and a commitment to first-rate customer service.

Additional languages are useful, as are proficiency in editing on Final Cut Pro, and a keen interest in international news and sport.

Long-term contracts are available for candidates with the right qualifications.

Please use the following form to send a CV and covering letter.

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